About me

I'm Ricardo Cañuelo, I go by rcn in the net.

I was thrown into the world around here in 19841.

I grew up playing a lot with computers and listening to a lot of rock. My musical tastes evolved over time, much to the annoyance of people around me.

In 2001 I moved here, spent quite a lot of years staring blankly at life and in 2012 moved here. 2019, I'm back here again.

I spend most of my time working, studying and reading. The rest I try to make music at the guitar or the piano, look for interesting/original reading, listening or viewing material and I work out every once in a while to keep my mind from collapsing.

I spend more time listening to music than not. When I'm not listening or playing music I'm probably thinking about doing any of those things.

As a software engineer (hacker) I worked on some things. I maintain this blog.

1 - Please, don't use the term millenial with me, I grew up around cassette tapes and rotary dial phones.[back]